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Interview with Craig McLachlan!
Former Neighbours actor Craig McLachlan will make his Dancing On Ice debut on tomorrow night's show.

The 80's heartthrob will take to the rink with his professional partner Maria Filippov. The Bulgarian skater has previously been paired with Gareth Gates, Ray Quinn and Gary Lucy.
Keep reading to find out what he thinks of his partner and how he has found the three month training regime for the ITV show.

When was the last time you skated before your training started?
I've never skated before – scary!

Would you say the skating is keeping you fit?
Well, I will let you guys be the judge of that!

Is skating easier or harder than you thought?
I would have to say in all honesty, much harder! It is really difficult and anyone who can put on skates and get on the ice really knows how difficult it can be. We are not talking about carefully edging around the side of the rink. No, it is all that and more.

Who do you think is your main rival?
Everyone is potentially my fiercest rival. I am just thrilled that I am still here with you and not conducting this interview in full body cast at the moment.

You've got Maria as your skating partner, what's that like?
Having Maria as my partner is absolute proof that heaven exists on earth. You don't have to wait to die to go to heaven. You can experience heaven just by spending time in the company of beautiful Maria.

How disciplined have you had to be with your training?
Probably too disciplined on occasion. I am probably a little too tough on myself if truth be told. The Oz coaches were constantly telling me to lighten-up.

What's your earliest memory of Torvill & Dean?
I just think like everyone else on the face of the planet who can get themselves to a television screen all those years ago and watching the Bolero, such perfection of two human beings on tiny little steel blades.

What are looking forward to the most?
I'm loving it all.

What are you dreading?
I am dreading the possibility of being voted out in week one. That would be so devastating.

What's your top tip for any budding skater out there?
Take'up bowling; anything that doesn't involve blistered feet and aching joints.

Who was your favourite skater from last year, have you watched DOI before?
Maria, strictly speaking she wasn't a celebrity competitor but she is my favourite skater in the world, next to Chris and Jayne of course.

Source: UnrealityTV (Lisa McGarry)

15.1.11 11:22

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